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Why choose Icon Studio?

Creative skills to capture your dreams:

Icon Studio knows the right questions to ask in order to translate your dreams into a working concept, and is capable of executing styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Technical skills to make your deams work:

Kyle's background in structural drafting and steel detailing helps to ensure your home not only looks incredible, but is also highly constructable.

Virtual reality to be confident with your design:

With the aid of virtual reality and other visualizations, you'll be able to experience your home throughout the design process, make well-informed decisions, and fall in love with it before even breaking ground.

Quick start times:

Icon Studio can typically start on your new design within one week.

Fast turn-around:

Icon Studio's high level of software proficiency means you spend less time waiting for your home to be modeled and documented for construction.

Contractor-friendly construction documents:

Icon Studio works hard to make the construction documents as clear and user-friendly for your contractor as possible, saving you from potential construction errors that cost time and money.

Kyle Owen founded Icon Studio in 2019 in order to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming a custom home designer. He started his career in the building and design industry in 2005, and has experience with steel detailing, structural and architectural drafting, CAD and BIM management, design, and project management over a wide variety of project types.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys motorsport, music, cycling, exploring the mountains, and much more!

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